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Ju Min Kim, Professor


Contact Information

Room 234, West Hall,

Department of Chemical Engineering,

Ajou University, 206 Worldcup-ro, 
Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, 16499, Korea

Tel: +82-31-219-2475
Fax: +82-31-219-1612
E-mail: jumin[at]


Research Interests
Soft Matter;  Rheology; Microfluidics; Li-ion battery

(1) Processes for lithium-ion battery production: Mixing, transportation and coating

(2) Microfluidic devices for analytical tools applicable to particulate systems

See also Google Scholar for links to published articles and citations


Ph.D., Department of Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University (March 1997-February 2001)
Advisor: Prof. Seung Jong Lee

M.S.,  Department of Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University (March 1995-February 1997)
Advisor: Prof. Seung Jong Lee

B.S.,   Department of Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University (March 1991-February 1995)



Department of Chemical Engineering, Ajou University: Professor (Mar 2017 - Present)

Department of Chemical Engineering, Ajou University: Associate Professor (Mar 2012 - Feb 2017)
Department of Chemical Engineering, Ajou University: Assistant Professor (Mar 2008 - Feb 2012 )
Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT: Postdoctoral Associate (2005 - 2007)

Advisor: Prof. Patrick S. Doyle

Applied Rheology Center, Korea University: Research Professor (2003 - 2005)
Digital Display Lab, LG Electronics: Senior Research Engineer (2001-2003)



☎ Phone call : 031 - 219 - 2398

Name                    Daekwon Jin

Position                Master/PhD integrated course


E-mail                   eornjs3435[at]


Name                   Sabin Hong​

Position              Master course (2023.03-)

E-mail                  sabin0129[at]

Name                   Jee In Park​

Position              Master course (2023.03-)

E-mail                  potassium[at]


Name                  Joo Yong Shin

Position              Master course (2024.03-)



E-Mail                  sjy2020[at] 


Name                 Ju Young Jin

Position             Master course (2024.03-)

E-mail                luna9327[at]

Name.                 Chang Han Yun


Position              Undergraduate researcher


E-mail                   ruiirtyq[at]



Name                 Yun Jin Hur

Position             Undergraduate researcher


E-mail                ebsnft[at] 

Name                 Soo Yong Park

Position             Undergraduate researcher




E-mail                yse07001[[at]




  •  Graduate Students


Master Graduates                                                              

Name                           Seungyoung Yang 

Contact                       yargun0202[at]                                       

Graduation (2011)

Current Position     율촌화학(연구원)

Name                             Sung Won Ahn

Contact                        chemis85[at]

Graduation (2012)

Current Position     일진전기(연구원)


Name                            Jaeyoung Kim 

Contact                       mirkjy[at]

Graduation (2012)

Current Position    SK 하이닉스(연구원)


Name                            Sukgyun Cha

Contact                        utopia0319[at] / utopia0319[at]

Visiting student from Kwangwoon University (2014)l co-advised with Prof. Younghun Kim at Kwangwoon University

Current Position     삼성전자 (연구원)



Name                             Kyowon Kang 

Contact                        ksksjd[at]

Graduation (2014)

Current Position     ENF(연구원)

 Name                           Young Bok Bae 

Contact                        wkroraksne12[at]

Graduation (2017)

Current Position     

Name                            Mira Cho 

Contact                        rkskekmr[at]

Graduation (2017)

Current Position     에스앤지바이오텍(연구원)    

Name                            Yoonyoung Jung 

Contact                        a512sky[at]

Graduation (2017)

Current Position     삼성전자(연구원)



Name                            Junghee Kim 

Contact                        kjunghee[at]

Graduation (2017)

Current Position     동우화인켐(연구원)

Name                            Dong Young Kim 

Contact                        kdywork11[at]

Graduation (2018)

Current Position     한국타이어(연구원)

Name                            Yeon-Su Lim

Contact                        lllyyy08[at]

Graduation (2019)

Current Position     동진쎄미켐(연구원)

Name                            Yong-Min Park

Contact                       dydals357[at]

Graduation (2020)

Current Position     원익 QnC(연구원)

Name                            Se Jin Lim

Contact.                      gldk098[at]

Graduation (2021)

Current Position    케이씨텍(연구원)

Name                            Inhyuk Jang

Contact                       jihae772[at]

Graduation (2022)

Current Position    LG에너지솔류션(연구원)

Name                           Young Hwan Kim

Contact                      90younghwan[at]

Graduation (2022)

Current Position   SK 엔펄스(연구원)

Name                           Won Jun Lee

Contact                      vkfksqkek33[at]

Graduation (2024)

Current Position.   LG에너지솔류션(연구원)


PhD Graduates                                                        


Name                             Sun Ok Hong 

Contact                        ludia0811[at]

Graduation (2021)

Current Position     LG에너지솔류션(연구원)

Name                            Bookun Kim

Contact                        kbk[at]

Graduation (2021)

Current Position     한국생명공학연구원(박사후 연구원)

  •  Postdoc Researcher 



 Name                           Taeho Shin (2011)

Contact                        taehoshin[at]

Current Position     전북대학교(부교수)

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